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Sugar Cookies

Soft and delicious buttery sugar cookies available in a variety of flavours



Regular sized cookies range between 3"-4" in size, but may vary depending on specific design. All custom cookie orders have a minimum quantity of 2 dozen cookies. All cookies come individually heat sealed in bags. Pricing depends on variety of designs, variety of colours and complexity of designs.

Basic Design: $5.00/each 

Standard Design: $5.25/each 

Standard Detailed: $5.50/each 

Detailed: $5.75/each 

Complex: $6.00+/each 


3D Cookies

Starting at $9.00/each, our 3D cookies are a great addition to any sweet table. Each cookie stands approximately 5" tall and has a base cookie of approximately 4" wide. Edible chocolate accents & details are available for an additional cost. 


Classic Vanilla

Confetti Rainbow




Chocolate Brownie (+$5.00 flat fee per 2 dozen)

Raspberry White Chocolate Chip (+$5.00 flat fee per 2 dozen)

*All cookies are decorated with classic vanilla royal icing*


Matching Bows: $0.50/each

Bows & Coordinating Tags: $1.00/each

Individual boxes/box sets available - please inquire for pricing as box designs/pricing varies

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